What’s Best About BestRx?Pharmacist checking out prescription

If your pharmacy is still manually filing documents, the complete pharmacy solutions offered by BestRx can help automate the process through our software. Document management is an essential part of any pharmaceutical business, but the manual process can lead ways to errors and misplaced documents. With BestRx, you will be able to seamlessly manage prescriptions, signatures, and other necessary information all from one computer system.

Never worry about misplacing patient information with our BestRx document management system. You will have the ability to scan or import documents directly into our secure program and can access them at any time. Our document management software makes it easy to organize everything you need for easy retrieval at time of check-out or filling.

Another benefit of our system is that it creates a backup of all documents, so you will always have records safely stored away should something compromise your central system. Our system supports a variety of file types, such as PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, and GIF so you can store a large variety of important data and files.

If you are interested in trying our complete pharmacy solutions, contact BestRx today at (877) 777-5758. We will set up a free online demo so you can try our BestRx products for yourself!