Featured Pharmacy

“When I left my fun job at a neighborhood chain to buy an old, run-down store in an underserved neighborhood, the last thing I expected to find was a topnotch computer system. But the BestRx Pharmacy Management System was absolutely amazing and user-friendly and intuitive — especially compared to the chain pharmacy’s. Right away, I was processing prescriptions at a place I had never set foot before. BestRx ensured that I got a running start in serving my new community.

For 10 years now, BestRx has supported my business as it grew and expanded into a three-store chain. Kedvon Pharmacy is a resource for the local community, which includes many immigrants. Whether they need a prescription filled or even a letter translated, people have a place to go. Our stores deliver medication to homebound elderly people and serve patients who may not speak English. Kedvon Pharmacy has 20 staff members across seven languages, and I credit BestRx’s language add-ons with helping us serve even those patients who speak other languages that we do not.

I’m particularly excited about BestRx’s integration with the company Telepharmacy, which will allow our pharmacists to verify prescriptions remotely and teleconference with patients from a separate location. It’s pretty much going to change our practice going forward.”