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Patient interaction is highly important at a pharmacy; however, it is only a small component of the day-to-day work that has to take place. Technology and automation can’t replace the value of the pharmacist/patient relationship. That said, it provides time and money saving solutions so that the tedious work is done when you walk in the door. Man Wearing Suit Pointing to the Word Automation | BestRx.com

For example, BestRx works with the top interactive voice-responsive providers including Telemanager, VoiceTech, Vow, and ATEB. IVR systems for pharmacies come in handy because once a patient requests a refill, BestRx sends an alert and adds the requests to the right queue for quick and easy processing.

The following BestRx features, including IVR Interface, lend themselves to automating everyday tasks at your pharmacy:

Night Tech – This enables you to fill and refill prescriptions, sent claims to insurance companies, and print labels after hours automatically.

Automated Patient Communication – Send text and email notifications to your patients regarding refills and pick-up reminders.

Robotic Interface – Introduce a robotic interface to automatically fill up to 250 types of drugs remotely.

Nightly Cloud Backup – Back up the day’s data every night, automatically.

Kwikfill – Use the patient’s Rx profile screen to swiftly and directly refill all prescriptions.

IVR Interface – Make use of an automated system to answer calls for patient refills and send requests to your queue.

Med Sync – Synchronize multiple prescriptions for each patient so they can pick up everything in one trip.

The best place to learn more about this technology is at BestRx.com. Request a complimentary demo today!