Keeping a patient profile on hand should be easy for you and your team. You want to work with a pharmacy management system that allows you to see the information you need as simply as possible. The BestRx system features exceptional profiles that are perfect for any pharmacy. Here are three benefits to using these profiles:

Visible Prescriptions – Our highly interactive patient profile screen features prescriptions due, refills that are coming up, and expired prescriptions in a highly visible spot. Having easy access to this info allows you to handle any issues quickly and present any relevant information to your customers.

Improve Workflow – While using our system, you will be able to quickly and efficiently add prescriptions directly to the workflow queues from the patient profile. Doing this allows you to keep your process orderly, as well as your customers happy.

Specialty Drug Alerts – Do you have many customers who receive specialty drugs from their doctors? Our system highlights these drugs, allowing you to take the proper precautions before working on their prescription.

These are only three of the many benefits the BestRx patient profiles have to offer. Contact us at (877) 777-5758 to speak with a member of our team and request a free demo of our system.