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Streamline your prescription process with BestRx

Streamline Your Prescription Workflow – from Start to Finish

Posted on Jun 09, 2022

Our robust, easy-to-use pharmacy management software can help your pharmacy run smoothly and efficiently. By eliminating many manual processes, BestRx can streamline your prescription workflow, from start to finish.

Starting from the moment you receive an incoming prescription or refill request; you have access to:
Comprehensive E-Prescribing

With BestRx, you can accept e-prescriptions from any US prescriber. Unlike many of our competitors, we have integrations with Surescripts and the WENO Exchange Network. In fact, BestRx was the first pharmacy software company to integrate with both e-prescriber networks.

IVR Integrations

BestRx has several integrations established with IVR (interactive phone) system providers. This allows refill requests made through your pharmacy’s phone system to be added to the pending queue in your pharmacy software automatically.

Around-the-Clock Refill Verification

Our AutoProcess/NightTech features enable you to automatically verify refills, transmit claims and print prescriptions all day long. As you’re entering refills during the day, you can initiate AutoProcess with a single click. After hours, NightTech takes over. It runs automatically overnight, so you can begin filling scripts the moment you walk in the door.

Central Verification for Multi-Store Owners

If you have multiple pharmacies and your state allows telepharmacy* (remote verification), you can sync all your store’s verification queues to the cloud. This enables a single pharmacist to quickly view and verify prescriptions for multiple stores remotely, using our Central Verification portal. Plus, using the same online portal, you can access and transfer patient and prescription information electronically between your stores when needed.

Next, BestRx makes it easy to manage prescription claims and payments, with:
Pre and Post Editing Services (PPE)

In partnership with CoverMyMeds, you can automate your claims adjudication process with Pre and Post Editing services. PPE works behind the scenes in your BestRx software, automatically assess claims to maximize reimbursement and reduce claim submission errors. After auditing the claim, you’ll receive alerts so you can make more informed decisions. Plus, the AWP Comparison tool makes it easy for you to manage changing payer and industry requirements.

Easy Payment Reconciliation

E-remittance makes it easier for you to track payments from insurance providers. Not only can you access your 835 remittance files directly from our software, but you can quickly reconcile prescriptions included in electronic remittances, too.

When you’re ready, even dispensing medications is breeze, thanks to:   
Real-Time Prescription Benefit Information

Through our integration with Surescripts, you can access the Real-Time Prescription Benefit Check program, for a monthly fee. The program provides real-time, patient-specific benefit information for participating payors, right from your pharmacy software. This allows you to quickly determine the out-of-pocket prescription costs for your patients. You can also identify lower-cost alternatives when needed and avoid switch fees, too.

Prioritizing & Synchronizing Medication Requests

Using Promise Time, you can quickly manage and prioritize all your prescription requests. Plus, the settings can be applied to multiple refill requests for a single patient as well. Then, quickly sync a patient’s medications to the same fill date with MedSync, which automatically calculates short fills for you. Both features help you better manage your time and save patients a trip to your pharmacy!

Simplifying Your Deliveries

With our Shipping Interface, you can link your FedEx, UPS or USPS accounts to your BestRx software, for more streamlined deliveries. This includes being able to quickly sync patient information, including names and addresses. You can also print shipping labels, track shipments and view patient signatures or Proof of Delivery right from your BestRx software. Plus, we offer a Mobile Delivery App, which allows you to transmit patient signatures, prescription and patient information between a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device and your pharmacy database during deliveries too.

Still not convinced, request a free demo and learn about all the ways BestRx Pharmacy Management Software can help you streamline your pharmacy’s entire prescription workflow.