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When an individual enters a nursing home it is because they have reached a stage where they require personal care and assistance. It is important that nursing home patients feel at home and cared for while retaining their dignity and feelings of independence where possible. Female Nurse with Elderly Male Patient Outside | BestRx.com

Utilizing the nursing home MAR and long term care feature through BestRx is highly beneficial to both the caretaker and the patient. When it comes to administering the proper medications to the right patients and staying on top of records, our nursing home MAR is the way to go. Everything that you need to stay organized regarding each patient is available with ease.  It also integrates with multiple nursing home providers to help strengthen relationships with LTC facilities in the community.

This Offers a Quick Look at the Benefits of Nursing Home MAR:

  1. Organize Multiple Facilities
  2. Access & Print Medication-Administration Records
  3. Access & Print Physician Order Forms
  4. Access & Print Weekly Planners
  5. Unit-Dose and Multi-Dose Packaging for Simple Medication Administration

BestRx also features E-MAR functionality which reduces the need to print forms. Nursing homes or LTC facilities can communicate electronically with the pharmacy through this platform for medication changes or other requests.

To summarize it simply, this makes life easier for everyone. Organization leads to greater efficiency which enables the ability to provide personalized care. Explore more about the BestRx system at BestRx.com.