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BestRx is proud to partner with Mirixa, one of the leading healthcare technology and service companies. As part of our complete pharmacy solutions, we offer Real-Time Integration with Mirixa Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

Medication therapy management is offered by pharmacists who are looking to improve drug therapy and the corresponding results for patients. Medication therapy management can include a variety of professional activities, such as patient assessments, comprehensive medication reviews, formulating a treatment plan, and monitoring the efficacy and safety of the treatment.

This real-time integration with Mirixa MTM will allow our software to notify pharmacists right away when there is a medication therapy management case that is to be completed for a patient. Rather than downloading new cases overnight, this software integration will allow those using BestRx to see these updates in real time so they can begin immediately.

Our company is always looking for ways to improve our complete pharmacy solutions so we can better the business of independent and retail pharmacies all over the country. By utilizing our software, these companies can more efficiently serve their community while maintaining a well-managed and successful operation. For more information on our complete pharmacy solutions, contact our customer service team today.