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Patients are choosing to take fewer trips to the doctor’s office due to the rise in healthcare costs, deductibles, and co-pays. This does not necessarily mean your business has to take a hit. Patients are turning to self-care and potentially more trips to the local pharmacy, where your advice and services could be crucial to their health.Pharmacist Talking to Patient | BestRx.com

Inspire patient loyalty to your pharmacy with the help of BestRx. Not all pharmacy software systems offer the same services that boost patient engagement. The following BestRx tools can be easily utilized to keep patients coming back:

Medication Therapy Management – Sift through patient information with ease to provide valuable advice and to help manage patient care.

Clinical Alerts – Notify your patients on new medication opportunities or vaccines based on their demographics and patient history.

Scheduling – Using a completely secure digital calendar, you can keep all of your appointments organized and on track.

ECare Plans – Promote better patient outcome by providing document enhanced services.

Loyalty Programs – Track prescriptions and OTC medications via loyalty programs designed to keep your patients coming back.

Our number one goal is to help your business with your number one goal of helping your patients. Learn more at BestRx.com regarding how our system works in tandem with your business!