RxSafe LLC

RxSafe improves patient health by partnering with the nation’s 21,000 independent retail pharmacies, using our technology solutions to transform the way you do business. We collaborate with pharmacies and other industry innovators to enable patient adherence, attract new customers, create additional revenue streams, and boost profitability.

Innovation, Accuracy, Speed, Adherence, Growth

Prescribers Connection

Long Term & Post-Acute Care focused ePrescribing Network designed to not only improve LTPAC patient medication safety and information exchange, but also workflow efficiency and effectiveness, while saving significant money at the same time. Our Network allows software providers to maintain a single connection with the ability to communicate with multiple software systems utilizing the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard. ONE Connection. ONE Network. ONE Certification.

Accuracy, Adaptability, Efficiency, Innovation, Patient Safety, Security, Service, Simplicity

MedicareUSA Description

MedicareUSA helps your patients to select an affordable Medicare health plan that keeps them shopping at your pharmacy from the safety of their own home with convenient telephonic assistance delivered by knowledgeable, licensed Medicare Advisors.

Profitability, Service, Simplicity, Customer Service

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP)

As a cooperative of over 2,000 member pharmacies with an independently-owned warehouse and specialty pharmacy, the nation’s 4th largest PSAO, and qualified preferred partners, American Associated Pharmacies is so much more than just a buying group. AAP provides the tools and resources needed for members to improve their bottom lines.


Datarithm is an intuitive, cloud-based inventory management software system for pharmacies of all sizes. Optimize your prescription drug inventory so you can streamline operations, reduce expense and increase profit, cash flow and liquidity for your pharmacy. Control your pharmacy inventory, instead of it controlling you.

Inventory, Reporting & Analytics


Introducing Pointy, your pharmacy’s instant connection to more local customers.

With less than 5 minutes work, you can get your products listed online and appearing on Google. When a customer searches for “pharmacy near me” or any of the thousands of OTC products you stock, they’ll be directed to your store where they can buy in person.

BestRx knows you need tools to compete online, so we’ve integrated with Pointy to help you succeed. Through this integration, all BestRx retailers get the core Pointy service completely free of charge (regularly $899).



Custom and stock options available for laser, thermal, and pressure sensitive pharmacy labels in addition to our patented ScriptChek label, providing 90% more label space. Our labels are compatible with BestRx Pharmacy software and online ordering is available 24/7.



Integral Rx offers unique solutions for compliance packaging. Additional stock options include multi-dose and unit-dose packaging along with laser and thermal style labels. Online ordering is available 24/7.

Purchasing & Supplies, Simplicity

Digital Pharmacist

Enables independent pharmacies to find and help more patients, enhance revenue streams and drive better patient adherence through our communication and digital solutions, including branded website and mobile app, email, text, interactive voice response and social media.

Accuracy, Efficiency, Profitability, Security


Sushoo/ACC partners with BestRx to provide their independent pharmacy customers a complete EMAR system at an affordable cost for their Senior Care Communities. This will help you get, and keep, more senior care communities as customers.


Updox for BestRx provides a single platform to tackle the administrative tasks that limit productivity at your pharmacy. Streamline communication with prescribers, engage patients and improve revenue streams – all within the easy-to-use Updox Collaboration Hub.

Efficiency, Patient Satisfaction, Profitability, Productivity