We at BestRx are proud of our business partnerships. We work with many industry leaders in the pharmacy sector who share our commitment to the success of independent community pharmacies. It is through these meaningful relationships with our partners that we seek to expand our offerings of pharmacy management software to independent pharmacies around the country. Like us, these partners are motivated by generating thoughtful, innovative solutions for pharmacies looking to become more efficient.

In pursuit of our mission to deliver an elegant, affordable, easy-to-use pharmacy management system to our family of pharmacists, we select partners who provide the benefits that we know are important to you. These are efficiency, security, simplicity, adaptability, patient safety, profitability, accuracy, innovation, and service.

We invite you to peruse the list of our business partners below. Each one is unique in the services it offers to independent pharmacies, and each one complements the BestRx software in innovative, responsible ways. Feel free to contact our Rx customer support for assistance with our software.


A global, integrated healthcare services and products company, providing customized solutions for hospital systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices worldwide.

Accuracy, Efficiency, Profitability, Purchasing & Supplies, Simplicity

Cardknox EMV

Payment gateway and payment processing company. Solutions to process EMV (chip and pin) credit card payments. www.cardknox.com/bestrx to get started
or call (844) 227-3566.

Efficiency, Security

Heartland Payment Systems

A preferred credit card processing company for the BestPOS system. Getting your pharmacy registered with SIG-IS, Visa and MasterCard in order to accept FSA/HRA cards with the BestPOS system is much easier when you use a preferred credit card processing company.

Efficiency, Security