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Promise Time

5 Ways Promise Time Makes Prioritizing Prescriptions Simple

Posted on Jul 21, 2022

For many independent pharmacies, between incoming calls, e-prescriptions, walk-in and drive-thru requests, managing all their pending scripts can be overwhelming. Sometimes, prescriptions can get lost in the shuffle, and aren’t ready when it’s time for pickup. Not only is this frustrating for the patient but it causes the pharmacy to scramble to fill the script, too. That’s why BestRx developed the Promise Time feature, to provide pharmacies with an easier way to manage their prescription requests. Here are 5 ways Promise Time makes prioritizing prescriptions simple:

1.You can assign a specific date and time the prescription is needed.

As you enter scripts in the main Rx Processing screen, just click on the clock icon to the right of the Promise Time field at the bottom of the screen. Then, a pop-up window will appear. From there, you can input the date and time the script is needed. You can also indicate if the patient is waiting at the pharmacy. Finally, you can select a priority level (normal or high) and add notes as well. Plus, you can easily change or clear the Promise Time information at any time.

2. Promise Time settings can be automatically applied to multiple scripts for a patient.

When filling multiple prescriptions for a patient, the system will automatically apply the Promise Time information entered for that patient to all their pending scripts. This way, a script won’t be overlooked and ensures all their prescriptions will be ready at the same time. Not only will you be able to work more efficiently, but it saves your patient from making multiple trips, too.

3. The Promise Time queue can be easily accessed from your notification bar or dashboard.

The Promise Time tile on your dashboard helps you keep track of prescriptions that are approaching their promised fill time. The tile can display up to four counters, including the number of prescriptions:

      • To be filled that day
      • Promised within the hour
      • Needed within a specific time frame that day
      • For patients waiting at your pharmacy
4. Prescription priority is color-coded, and filters can be used for faster viewing.

Once in the queue, high priority scripts are highlighted in red. Also, there are several filters you can apply to help you quickly identify which requests to address first. These filters can be used to sort prescriptions by:

      • Promise Time or Promise Date Range
      • Cycle
      • Dispense Status or Method
      • Nursing Home
5. Scripts can be processed directly from the Promise Time queue.

This means you don’t have to waste time flip between screens to process these scripts. Instead, just select the prescription(s) you want to work on to initiate the fulfillment process, directly from the Promise Time queue. Plus, you can refill prescriptions individually or select multiple scripts to be processed at once using our Kwik Refill and Auto Process features. You can also move Rx’s to other queues or remove them from the Promise Time queue when needed.

Promise Time makes it easy for pharmacies to prioritize their incoming requests. This ensures that prescriptions aren’t overlooked and will be ready and waiting when the patient comes to pick them up.

For more information on Promise Time, or any of our other advanced features, please reach out to our customer support team or request a free demo today.