What’s Best About BestRx?Pharmacist looking through inventory

Inventory management is crucial to the functionality of any retail or independent pharmacy. BestRx offers exceptional pharmacy management software that will help you consolidate and organize your entire inventory. You will also receive a variety of other benefits from our software, such as patient profiles, document management, and enhanced reporting.

Inventory management can be automated entirely with an EDI interface with your wholesalers. Our pharmacy management software will allow you to create and send purchase orders, track inventory returns and transfers, and update your inventory through an Android device. When your stock is structured and organized, you will be able to see what is selling, what isn’t, and what you will need to order before you run completely out.

With the BestRx system, you will be able to manage all of your databases within one, easy-to-use software program. Our systems take little to no training so that you can have all employees up and running on the software in no time! An additional benefit of inventory management is the ability to track expiration dates on all of your products easily. It can be detrimental to a business if an expired pharmaceutical is sold, but with the BestRx system, your team can easily stay on top of products that need to be rotated out after expiration.

If you are interested in trying the BestRx pharmacy management software for yourself, give us a call today at (877) 777-5758 to schedule a demonstration.