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Though faxing is an outdated technology in many businesses, one industry it still thrives within is the medical industry. Faxing plays an essential role between hospitals and pharmacies, as it is a convenient way to transfer prescriptions and other vital documents to either party. With the BestRx pharmacy management system, your independent or retail pharmacy will experience all of the benefits of electronic faxing.

With our software system, your business will be able to efficiently send out electronic faxes directly to the intended receiver. This streamlines the process for refill and prior authorization requests, as well as reduces the need for additional printouts and expensive landlines. Our e-fax solution is secure, reliable, and HIPPA-compliant so you will never have to worry about the security of your customers’ information.

Our pharmacy management system is easy to use and requires little to no training for management and employees. BestRx comes with a variety of benefits, such as messaging services, cloud backup, and specialty integrations for pharmacies looking into entering the specialty market.

If you are interested in experiencing a demo of our pharmacy management system, contact BestRx today by calling (877) 777-5758. We will schedule a time to show you all of the ways our software system can benefit the functionality and workflow of your pharmacy.