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Owning a successful independent pharmacy requires patience – as well as patients, of course – passion, attention to detail, and commitment. By remaining diligent on records and Four Stacks of Coins in Increasing in Size with Leaves on Top to Indicate growth | BestRx.compatient care, you will experience more profit for your pharmacy.

When it comes to inventory, billing, and payment reimbursement, the intricate details can sometimes be time consuming and inconvenient to navigate. With the BestRx pharmacy management system, you can remove the guesswork from the business side. This helps to streamline efficiency so you can focus on keeping your patients happy.

The BestRx product suite acts as a pharmacy inventory system, along with other capabilities and benefits. The following features enable you to easily stay on top of important details.

Inventory Management – Discern if you are being underpaid by tracking stock along with acquisition costs.

Automatic Price Updates – Automation allows weekly price updates to be factored in immediately to ensure you get paid the right price.

Low Payment Warnings – Receive alerts if you are being underpaid for certain prescriptions.

Profit and Loss Reports – Simple reports are generated that allow you to see how much you are making or losing on each drug.

TRXADE Integration – Find the lowest price on drugs by searching for multiple suppliers at once.

Copay Vouchers – Automatically apply and available manufacturer’s coupons to a patients copay.

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