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Do you currently make use of reporting at your pharmacy? If so, how detailed is the reporting? Is it up-to-date? As a business, a pharmacy should consider what methods are Hands Putting Together Two Puzzle Pieces | BestRx.comimplemented to track valuable business information. Monitoring important details related to demographics, product, and sales information will enable you to make small adjustments that could lead to potentially big profits.

The BestRx pharmacy software solutions offer an abundantly beneficial reporting component that will keep you on track and prevent your pharmacy from losing money on certain drugs.

Below is a brief rundown of the benefits of BestRx reporting:

Built-In Reports

Utilize dozens of standard reports to move your business forward.

Customized Reports

Track various aspects of your business using customized reports.

Format Flexibility
Export any report in a variety of formats including Excel, CSV, and text.

Sales Analysis
Track and compare prescriptions and front-end sales trends over time.

Custom Report Groups

Create patient, prescriber, drug, and insurance groups for more efficient and targeted reporting.

Transform the way your independent or retail pharmacy does business. The reporting feature is just one of the upgrades you will experience via BestRx. Visit BestRx.com to learn more about our suite of products. You can also contact us to schedule a demo!