Community Focus


It has been a very exciting year, and we have lots of good news for you. We are humbled by the growth that we have achieved and are so proud of our family of more than 1,000 pharmacists. This past year, we introduced several new features and operational improvements — some of which were a direct result of your feedback. We are grateful to have that level of engagement with you. It makes all the difference …


Look at what we’ve done together! We augmented our messaging services when we launched our two-way services to allow patients to request refills without having to call the pharmacy. Enhancements were implemented to allow for better tracking of prescriptions within your pharmacy. We introduced custom-queue functionality to streamline your pharmacy’s workflow and Intelligent PA with CoverMyMeds to simplify the prior-authorization process. Additionally, integration with OutcomesMTM was completed to assist with medication therapy management, and we now have a notification dashboard to give you a snapshot of what’s currently happening at your pharmacy at any moment.


We’ve also been busy working to ensure that we continue to connect with you in a meaningful way, and are thrilled to share our brand relaunch with you — along with a new and improved website. The new site is more informative and streamlined to improve your experience, and it will allow us to get to know each other even better.


Over the course of our history, BestRx’s focus has always been on providing the best possible service and widest range of products to our pharmacists. You are the reason we exist, and our ability to continue to support your success enables all of us to thrive — together.


We believe that our relationships with our pharmacists are unique. So the solutions and support that we provide you must be also. Our commitment to you is unwavering. Your patients are our patients — and we are dedicated to allowing you to spend more time with them by delivering software solutions that are innovative yet easy to use, that increase efficiency and profitability while not compromising security and patient safety.


We understand that each of you took a vow to devote yourselves to a lifetime of service to others through the profession of pharmacy. It is a responsibilty that you don’t take lightly — and neither do we. At BestRx, we strive to foster the sense of community that comes from people working together to support each other. That sense of community extends to you, your patients and the communities in which you live and work.


Our goal is to fulfill our obligation to you and your patients to enable long, healthy, prosperous lives. We are accountable for demonstrating our core values in all that we do.


So we will always listen to you. We want to know how we can make your lives — and those of your patients — better.


And we are poised to do even more for you. We have doubled our development staff, increased our customer support staff and extended our customer-support hours. We are dedicated to developing strong and lasting relationships with each of you — and being the best resource for information, education and support. To that end, I am pleased to announce upcoming features that were created with you in mind — and, in some cases, informed by you. Med-sync functionality will be launched very shortly and will improve patient loyalty, adherence and star ratings. We will be making the switch to MediSpan as our clinical data provider to enable us to expand our offerings. We heard your requests for automated prescription billing and label printing to boost efficiency. Additionally, mail-order integration with FedEx and UPS and integrated calendar functionality will be available soon.


We know that selecting a pharmacy software provider can be confusing and intimidating. And that sometimes a particular feature may seem like the most important thing. But, at BestRx, our emphasis on innovation means that we will never become complacent — we will always want to provide you with the best solutions. And if they are not available, we will create them. Our determination to be the best choice means that we will never lose sight of meeting each of your needs — in the simplest, most affordable way. Our loyalty to you and your patients is uncompromising — and we listen to you. Your story is our story. Your community is our community. Your success is our success.


I value each of you and am honored to be able to contribute to, and support the success of, each of your businesses. Each of your communities. Thank you for the opportunity! As we have grown and continue to do so, it is important to me that we stay connected. If any of you plan to attend the Cardinal Health or AmerisourceBergen trade shows in July, please visit our new and exciting booth. We would welcome the chance to meet you, if we haven’t already — or to reconnect with you, if it’s been a while since we spent time together. That’s how it all started, and we want that to be the way it continues. You and us collaborating to make it better. For you, and your patients.


Again, thank you. We are in this together.


Hemal Desai


BestRx Pharmacy Software