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Working in tandem as a beauty and benefit of a neighborhood pharmacy is the ability to provide individualized attention to your patients. You want each patient to feel comfortable and confident in the service you deliver and advice you provide. The following are some ways that our pharmacy software solutions combined with your own personal touch can strengthen the pharmacist/patient relationship.   Pharmacist Talking to Patient | BestRx.com

  1. Build a Rapport: Speak to your patients with genuine energy and intention that communicates how much you care. Ask about pets or children when appropriate and make them feel comfortable. The patient profile of the BestRx system allows you to house all of the necessary information regarding prescriptions, refills, and authorizations so you can spend more time focusing on the patient.
  2. Encourage Taking Prescriptions as Directed: Unfortunately, certain prescriptions can all look the same and the amounts to take as prescribed by the doctor might get lost in translation. You can make it your mission to translate any complicated directions or dosages to the patient so they know what and when to take their medicine. In addition to Medication Therapy Management, Best Rx features eCare Plan Functionality. You as the pharmacist can take a more clinical dive into a patient’s medications and disease states in order to provide a more comprehensive and on-going treatment plan. It also is shared electronically with the patient’s doctors to keep them informed of progress and changes.
  3. Make use of Messaging Services: Setting up automated refill and appointment reminders might not sound personal due to the word “automated” but remember that technology is truly your friend. Patients will appreciate receiving their reminders which leads to better medication adherence and more efficient visits to the pharmacy.

For more information about how BestRx can bolster your business and strengthen your relationship with patients, please visit BestRx.com!