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Leverage Your Pharmacy Data to Generate new Revenue

Generate a New Source of Revenue for Your Pharmacy

Posted on Jun 27, 2022

Your pharmacy generates valuable data every day. This includes the types of medication being prescribed and the payment method being used. In fact, your pharmacy data is probably already being sold behind the scenes. To ensure you receive your fair share of the revenue being generated, BestRx has partnered with Scriptera. Together, we can generate a new source of revenue for your pharmacy.

Through our partnership, you can join Scriptera’s network for free and leverage your own market-level data to increase your revenue. Best of all, this revenue doesn’t require any additional work on your part. Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s market-level data?”, “Doesn’t that go against HIPAA?” and “What’s the catch?”

Here are answers to common questions about the program, and how you can join:

Q: “What is market-level data?”

A: Market-level data is data related to a prescription, which includes:

  • The prescriber
  • The date it was prescribed
  • When the script was filled
  • The form of payment used
  • The quantity of the script & number of refills
Q: “How is my patient’s privacy protected?

A: We know how important data security and your patient’s privacy is. That’s why all pharmacy information and PHI is completely de-identified before we send the data to Scriptera. This way, you can be sure that only market-level data is potentially being sold.

Q: What are the benefits of joining Scriptera’s network?

A: There are several benefits of joining the Scriptera Network, including:

  • It’s free to participate
  • As a BestRx customer, you’re automatically enrolled
  • No action is needed on your part, because ee take care of de-identifying your data and sending it to Scriptera
  • You receive revenue share for all your data acquisition sales – whether it’s utilized or not.
Q: How do I get paid?”

A: Once your pharmacy is enrolled* and the data feeds are live, Scriptera will begin the data sales process. Then, as sales are made, you will begin to receive payment.

Q: What’s the catch? Are there any exclusions?”

A: There’s no catch or any exclusions! In fact, Scriptera only makes money when your pharmacy does. Plus, the program doesn’t impose on any existing contracts and all pharmacies are eligible to participate.

Q: “How do I enroll or opt out?

A: BestRx pharmacies are automatically enrolled in the program, as of June 1, 2022. If you don’t want to participate, just contact BestRx Customer Support to opt out. It’s that easy!


BestRx is committed to helping your pharmacy perform it’s best. That’s why we continue to add new, innovative features and integrations to ensure you’re operating as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Not a BestRx pharmacy yet? Learn more about the Scriptera Network and all the ways we can help grow your business by requesting a free demo today!


*All BestRx pharmacies are automatically enrolled effective 6/1/2022 unless they opt out of the program.