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Owning and running an independent pharmacy comes with a myriad of tasks and responsibilities. There is a lot to juggle, to say the least, including information capturing, storage, and search, which can take up valuable time. Arrows Hitting a Bullseye | BlairCandy.com

When it comes to choosing software for pharmacies, efficiency is a key component. BestRx designed features to accommodate for efficiency in order to minimize the time it takes to perform daily tasks so you can focus on your patients.

Achieve the best of both worlds at your neighborhood pharmacy by utilizing the technology available through BestRx to increase efficiency while still maintaining the personal and individualized patient-care that sets you apart. The following feature benefits make this possible:

Workflow – Track the prescription process from intake to dispensing using digital means.

Document Management – All relevant documents can be scanned and stored for easy accessibility.

2D License Scanner – Populate relevant identification information automatically.

Payment Information Storage – Securely store payment information to simplify patient pickups and deliveries.

Intelligent Prior Authorization – Enables you to automatically start the prior authorization process.

The BestRx team is committed to your success. Visit BestRx.com to discover more about our digital pharmacy management system and how it will transform the way your pharmacy does business.