BestRx Partners with the eCare Plan


Educating patients about their health, prescriptions, and medical conditions are all part of a day’s work for a pharmacist. More often that not, a patient will visit their pharmacist more so than their primary care provider, leaving the pharmacist responsible for guiding them in the right path for their health. The Pharmacist eCare Plan was designed to document these interactions to be shared and utilized across all health care providers related to the patient.


At BestRx, we are proud to announce our involvement with the pharmacist care plan. In January 2018, we were granted Level 3 – active medications certification capabilities – under the plans. This will allow pharmacies who utilize our pharmacy software system to benefit from the eCare plans, providing more efficient patient care and services. As an authorized partner of the eCare plans, pharmacies using the BestRx pharmacy software system can create their patient care plans utilizing the technology and services we provide, without the need for an expensive third-party integration.


The Pharmacist eCare Plan represents the concerns, goals, and planned interventions prioritized by the pharmacist and patient. The pharmacist care plan also incorporates all medication-related information that has been determined by the patient’s team of caregivers. The programs will document the patient’s current medications, health concerns, and medication support needs along with the pharmacy’s interventions and the long-term outcomes of the patient’s health.


The eCare Plan will help to validate the pharmacist’s role in patient care by allowing them to work with the patient and their providers to develop a well-rounded and effective strategy for overall health. For more information on how BestRx and the eCare Plan go hand in hand, contact us today at (877) 777-5758.