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152-B: Fedex Shipping Integration
In this video we cover the workflow for Creating Orders for a FedEx integration, printing labels for shipping, and how to track deliveries within BestRx. We also covered some of the interface settings, and services FedEx may offer.
153: Mobile Delivery App
In this video, we review the Mobile Delivery App for BestRx and BestPOS. Topics include, downloading the app, registering devices to your pharmacy, initiating a delivery in BestRx & BestPOS, and processing deliveries in the app. For pricing information speak with our sales team, for device compatibility check your devices app store to ensure the…
153-B: Delivery Provider Integrations
In this video we talk about a courier service that integrates with BestRx to provide scheduling, transport, and confirmation of delivery for prescriptions.
154: TeleHealth Services: Bestrx and
Telehealth counseling provided by is a powerful free tool, that allows your pharmacy to reach your patients remotely, while prioritizing everyone’s health.
155: BestPOS Online Web Payment
This video goes over how pharmacies using BestPOS, with an integrated credit card processor; can send online orders to their patients for payment. Patients can then electronically sign, and request delivery of their rx’s from the pharmacy.
156: Bidirectional Messaging
Introducing, new, bidirectional messaging support, for independent pharmacies. This feature comes complete with a new User Interface, that allows pharmacy staff to intuitively track a patient’s message history.
157-A: BestRx COVID-19 Vaccinations and MakePlans Integration
Introducing the BestRx Covid 19 Vaccine Registration Portal. In this video, we will talk about the expanded functionality of this portal; to include an integration with This paid service allows a pharmacy’s patients, to view available time slots, on your pharmacy’s calendar. Your patients can then schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine appointment themselves, from their…
158-A: Promise Time
In this video we talk about about how promise times can help the pharmacy, where it can be found in the BestRx program, and explain the process of setting up promise times for RXs
158-B: Scheduled Reports
In this video we talk about the new user types and how to setup and configure the scheduled report notifications.
158-C: Employee Time Clock
In this video we talk about how to setup the various options for this feature, how employees interact with the Time Clock, and the different reports associated with this feature.
180-A: Nursing Home Intro
An overview of the Long Term Care functionality in BestRx and its role in the medical Industry. We also introduce the Nursing Home Feature in BestRx and how it addresses the needs of LTC facilities.
181-A: Printing MARS and Physician Order Forms
Video details a pharmacy’s process to prepare prescriptions and dosage times for print out on Medication Administration Records forms, as well as Physician Order forms.
180-B: Nursing Home: Reports/Forms/Dosage Times
A follow up to Nursing Home Intro, this video covers common reports, different types of forms, and how to configure dosage times prior to printing on forms.
181-B: E-MAR and E-MAR Interfaces
In this entry in the Nursing Home series we go over E-MAR and interfaces we support with leaders in the industry that provide E-MAR services.
182: Multi-Dose Packaging Interface
Video covers the Multi-dose add-on feature, that is available a la carte or in addition to the Nursing Home add-on feature. We discuss the interfaces we support and how to export to Dispill which is one of the most common export types we support.