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158-A: Promise Time
In this video we talk about about how promise times can help the pharmacy, where it can be found in the BestRx program, and explain the process of setting up promise times for RXs
158-B: Scheduled Reports
In this video we talk about the new user types and how to setup and configure the scheduled report notifications.
158-C: Employee Time Clock
In this video we talk about how to setup the various options for this feature, how employees interact with the Time Clock, and the different reports associated with this feature.
158-D: RxQuickSave Overview
In this video we explore the RxQuickSave feature in BestRx. We talk about what RxQuickSave is, how it displays in the BestRx program, and how to configure the feature.
180-A: Nursing Home Intro
An overview of Long Term Care facilities and their role in the medical Industry. We also introduce the Nursing Home Feature in BestRx and how it addresses the needs of LTC facilities.
180-B: Nursing Home: Reports/Forms/Dosage Times
A follow up to Nursing Home Intro, this video covers common reports, different types of forms, and how to configure dosage times prior to printing on forms.
181-A: Printing MARS and Physician Order Forms
Video details a pharmacy’s process to prepare prescriptions and dosage times for print out on Medication Administration Records forms, as well as Physician Order forms.
181-B: E-MAR and E-MAR Interfaces
In this entry in the Nursing Home series we go over E-MAR and interfaces we support with leaders in the industry that provide E-MAR services.
182: Multi-Dose Packaging Interface
Video covers the Multi-dose add-on feature, that is available a la carte or in addition to the Nursing Home add-on feature. We discuss the interfaces we support and how to export to Dispill which is one of the most common export types we support.