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107-C: Creating a Compound in BestRx
In this video we cover common compound types, adding compound ingredients in the Drug File, and Calculating a compound’s price.
107-D: Compound Claim Rejections & Reports
In this video we cover how to submit a compound claim to insurance, address common compound rejections, and use the compound drug report.
107-E: Workman’s Comp
In this video we go over how to bill a particular type of insurance claim. Workman’s comp claims generally result from a workplace injury, and have a special insurance plan to bill as well.
108: Intro to Accounts Receivable
In this video we introduce Charge Accounts, we go over what they are, how to enable them within the software, how to enter a transaction, and finally where a patient’s balance displays in the software.
108-A: A/R Payments
In today’s video we talk about processing payments for Charge Accounts. Topics include the different methods of taking payments and the process of reversing payments.
108-B: A/R Administration
In this video we look at the administrative side of Charge Accounts. This includes printing statements, various related reports, and transferring transactions from one Charge Account to another.
110: Auto-Refill / Refill Queue
Auto-Refill is a function of the BestRx program, that allows the software to automatically add prescriptions due for refill to the Refill Queue. This process is based on; the quantity filled, and the days supply of the prescription. The Refill Queue is a built-in queue within BestRx, there are multiple ways to access this option…
115-A: Intro to Messaging Interface
In this video we talk about the Messaging Interface in BestRx and provide you with information on, the benefits of this feature, the types of messages available, and how to activate the Messaging Interface.
115-B: Using the Messaging Interface
In this video, we continue to explore the functionality of the BestRx Messaging Interface, including how to: access your messaging queues and settings, use the two-way chat feature, enable automated alerts and initiate manual alerts, customize messages and manage your outbound messaging queue report. This way, it’s easy to stay in contact with your customers.
128: Central Reporting & Verification
In this video we talk about three new BestRx features, Central Reporting, Central Verification and Central Profile & Electronic Prescription Transfers. With these new features, pharmacies can access pharmacy activity, including prescription queues, for both single and multi-location pharmacies, no matter where they are. Topics discussed in this video include: – How to access the…
130-A: BestPOS Standard Operating Hardware
This video can be used as a guide, to help you unbox your hardware and connect it for the first time. We’ll review the: Basic hardware packages. Types of hardware we recommend. Typical number of cable connections to expect per device.  Once all your hardware is connected, please contact our support team to install the…
130-F: Welcome to BestPOS Software
In this video, we will focus on introducing you to the BestPOS software.
131: BestPOS Admin: Intro to Retail Management
In this video we will introduce you to managing your Retail Store and using the BestPOS Administration mode.
131-A: BestPOS Admin: Inventory Basics
This video covers the inventory basics and creating register shortcut buttons.
132-A: Intro to BestPOS Register User Interface
BestPOS Register User Interface. This includes logging into the program, ringing up a transaction, item shortcut buttons, and capturing a signature for a prescription.
132-B: Verifying Patient info In BestPOS
In this video we will be looking at Verifying Patient Information in the BestPOS. Ensuring the patient gets the right medications, the right person picks them up, that person is old enough to get those items, and whether that patient is getting too much of those items.