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Medical Professional Inspecting Substance Using Microscope | BestRx.comAt BestRx, it’s no surprise that our primary focus is using technology to help independent pharmacies give their customers the best experiences possible when filling their prescriptions. Much of that experience comes through the person-to-person interaction of walking into your local pharmacy and greeting the owner by name before conducting business.

Of course, the technology end of things has its benefits, too. The BestRx pharmacy management software has numerous features, each of which plays a different role in helping you to manage your pharmacy more efficiently. We feel that one of the most convenient of these features, for all parties, is BestRx’s ability to integrate with other software to create an interface for IVR systems for pharmacies.

The letters “IVR” stand for “interactive voice response.” You’re likely familiar with IVR technology if you’ve ever called a store or corporate office and had the computerized speaker on the other end respond to your number dials or voice commands.

While some pharmacies (and patients) may prefer the classic system of a human answering the phone every time, IVR systems can provide a pharmacist with a wealth of benefits. First of all, they can sometimes help patients with everything they need, meaning you won’t be interrupted by phone calls all day while helping in-store patients.

Meanwhile, patients on the phone who simply need to request a refill can do so through the IVR system. Once you link up your IVR system to the BestRx software, you’ll get these requests right in your refill queue. The IVR systems with which we integrate the BestRx system include OmniSys, VoiceTech, Digital Pharmacist, Telemanager, Vow, Ateb, Omnicell, NexIPTel, Prescribe Wellness, and AIS.

As you can see, IVR systems for pharmacies can be extremely helpful both to pharmacists and patients. The BestRx pharmacy management software will create the right interface for interacting with those systems. Visit BestRx.com to learn more about our product suite.