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This past October, BestRx announced the news that we were the first pharmacy management system to achieve compliance with the 2020 SCRIPT standard. This new standard officially goes into effect on January 1st of 2020 and it speaks specifically to e-prescribing software transactions.Pharmacist Scanning Prescription | BestRx.com

The latest SCRIPT standard for e-prescribing features includes:

  • Sending a list of ingredients for compound prescriptions
  • Follow-up requests to refill requests when the prescriber does not respond promptly
  • Clearly communicate patient allergies
  • Clearly communicate patient requests for prescription deliveries
  • Grouping prescriptions for a patient
  • Clearly communicate an “urgent indicator”
  • Increased character limit for prescription directions
  • Pharmacy can request a new prescription, as opposed to just a refill
  • Pharmacy can electronically transfer a prescription to another pharmacy

We make compliance standards a top priority and the BestRx system makes it possible for your pharmacy to dispense controlled substances with confidence. Remove the stress of fraud and controlled substance abuse by implementing the customizable and intuitive tools provided by BestRx. Features include:

Reporting – Automatically report controlled substances based on the requirements of your state.

Immunization Registry Access & Reporting – Search, report, and track your patients’ immunizations.

Methcheck – Receive real-time validation of PSE purchases.

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances – Receive prescriptions and send refill requests for controlled substances with full support for digital signatures.

Direct Integration with PDMP Registry – View PDMP registry information inside BestRx without having to access a third party website.

If you are interested in scheduling a demo, head to BestRx.com!