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Though it is their primary purpose, pharmacies do not flourish on filled prescriptions alone. There are many other products and services that your pharmacy can offer to make additional revenue. Below are just a few of the ways you can draw in new clients and retain current clients. You can use them to adjust your pharmacy management system.

  1. Know the Market. Take time to find out what’s most popular with pharmacy customers throughout the area – you may be surprised to learn certain items are not as hot as you thought they were.
  2. Maximize Your Square Footage. Don’t let empty space eat away at your profits. Fill your pharmacy with popular products and put the bestsellers in front where everyone can see them.
  3. Train up Your Team. An excellent way to make a little extra with every transaction is by having employees upsell or cross-sell by suggesting products that complement each other.
  4. Stock Strategically. It’s easy to sell cough medicine to a customer with a cold. It is also easy to sell a box of tissues, as well as some cough drops when you place them right next to the cough syrup display.
  5. Build Better Relationships with Customers. Even if your prices are not the lowest in town, you can ensure your customers stay loyal to your store by offering more in the way of customer service and attention.