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5 Prescription Labels that Improve Medication Adherence & Accessibility

Posted on May 31, 2022

Providing high-quality care is your pharmacy’s top priority. This includes making sure patients know how to take their medications. Not only does this aid in the success of their treatment, but it keeps them safe by preventing mistakes, too. In fact, providing easy access to prescription information is essential. Often, when patient’s leave your pharmacy, they rely on prescription labels for their dispensing instructions. However, traditional labels can be difficult for your patients with visual or language barriers. That’s why BestRx partnered with ScriptAbility (part of En-Vision America, Inc.) to offer five accessible prescription labels that improve medication adherence. Accessible pharmacy labels include: 

  1. ScripTalk RFID-enabled talking prescription labels

ScripTalk labels use a small electronic tag, which is attached to the bottom of a prescription bottle. From there, the patient can have the label information read to them by placing the bottle on a ScripTalk listening station or by downloading the ScripTalk Mobile App. This includes the:

      • Patient’s name, date and prescription number
      • Medication name, dosage and instructions
      • Pharmacy information, warnings, and other patient education materials

  1. ScriptView Dual-Language Labels

ScriptView Dual-Language labels are ideal for patients who speak English as their second language. The booklet-style label includes instructions in English and in the patient’s preferred/primary language. Plus, there are more than 25 languages to choose from and the label can be attached directly to the prescription bottle.

  1. ScriptView Large Print Labels

Additionally, ScriptView Large Print labels are offered for your low vision or elderly patients. These labels make reading prescription information easier, thanks to the larger font size printed on high contrast media. In fact, the font size ranges from 12-22, so you can select best size for each patient. Like the Dual-Language labels, large print labels are printed as a booklet that is attached directly to the prescription bottle. 

  1. Braille Labels

When caring for visually impaired patients, Grade 2 Braille can be printed on a clear adhesive label. To get started, just select the data you want to emboss on the label. Once the Braille label has been generated, it can be placed on top of the standard prescription label. Plus, when used with the ScripTalk Labels, your visually impaired patients can easily access all their prescription information.

  1. Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs)

Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs) are designed to help prevent opioid misuse by reminding patients of the associated risks. With CSSLs labels. you can eliminate the overwhelming amount of printed information that typically accompanies a Schedule II medication. Instead, patients can simply scan a QR code included on the CSSLs label and access safety videos, tips and warnings.  In fact, CSSLs feature both audible and visual access to easy-to-understand prescription information, including:

      • SIGs and package inserts
      • Medication guides and warnings

BestRx wants to make using accessible labels easy for your pharmacy, too. That’s why our integration with ScriptAbility allows you to incorporate these labels into your existing workflow. In fact, ScriptAbility’s easy-to-use application can be accessed directly from your BestRx software. This way you don’t have to spend time re-entering patient and prescription information to produce an accessible label. Instead, they can be auto populated with just a few clicks.

Offering accessible prescription labels at your pharmacy enhances the safety of your patients and improves medication adherence by ensuring everyone has access to vital treatment information. To learn more about ScriptAbility’s accessible labels and all the ways BestRx helps to advance the level of care you provide, contact us today!