Learn more about the benefits of BestRx


With the BestRx pharmacy management software, you can have multiple workstations or multiple sessions on the same workstation. BestRx’s ability to multitask stream-lines prescription processing and maximizes your workflow.

Customizable Reports

BestRx allows you to print dozens of different types of reports. Many of these reports will let you sort and limit your search to specific data types, allowing you to customize what is displayed, printed, or exported into Excel.

Weekly price Updates

As part of our complete pharmacy solutions, price updates are available weekly to keep your prices accurate with the rest of the industry.

Charge Accounts & Account Receivables Management

Dispense today and invoice the patient for payment later. Our system allows you to print monthly statements and manage revolving credit accounts for your patients as a way to offer alternative payment options for customers.

Prescription Delivery Management

Our pharmacy software system allows you to manage delivery drivers and route while having access to look up maps based on address. You can print delivery tickets for signing and scanning and also manage driver usernames and passwords for mobile delivery devices. Delivery management will allow your business to generate reports based on fill dates and dispense statuses quickly.

Customized Labels

We have thousands of designs for multiple label templates and formats. BestRx supports some thermal designs along with many laser label designs. If you are a new pharmacy or setting up thermal for the first time, give us a call at (630) 893-9210 to go over getting your labels setup. With thermal designs, it is recommended you get approval before ordering your stock to ensure compatibility.

User Access & Role Management

We pride ourselves on providing the most options for managing employees with regards to your security and workflow. With our pharmacy management software, you can seamlessly set up roles for your employees to help maintain the pharmacy’s workflow. You can also reduce access on a use basis to help focus on each employee’s job responsibilities – all while securing vital pharmacy settings and information. Also, we offer comprehensive reporting features to track user actions, overrides, and workflow.

Patient Eligibility Checks

With BestRx, you can search for patient insurance information by performing E1 eligibility verification for Medicare D or commercial insurance plans.

Inventory Management

BestRx’s complete pharmacy solutions allow you to generate detailed reports on inventory, current QOH, manage PO’s, and enter orders and invoice numbers. You can also track inventory changes by user and date.

Refill Reminder Log & Auto ­Refill

Directly fill your “refill queue” using auto-refill or a specific refill reminder report, making it easy to click on your list of patients in the queue. Processing refills with this system will help expedite refill workflow and allow you to care for more patients promptly.

Payment Reconciliation

Track your reimbursements from insurance plans on a claim-specific basis to see exactly what you were paid for. Additional features of this pharmacy software system include ER emittance, which streamlines this process and allows for easier, more automated reconciliation.

Auto­ Updates

We are continuously expanding our software and providing more features through the rollout of frequent automatic updates.

Robotic Device Interface

We have partnered with select industry partners to provide an interface that allows your pharmacy to incorporate robotic pill counters and filling machines into the workflow. Even if your team is small or volume is high, our pharmacy management software will provide a helping hand to get the job done.

Coordination of Benefits

No matter how many or what combination of insurance plans, our skilled support staff, and secure one-click billing makes submitting claims to dual insurances easy. These complete pharmacy solutions allow for seamless billing workflow every time you process a refill.

Wholesaler Interface

This feature on our pharmacy software system is an optional addition to BestRx and a built-in option to BestPOS. Through the wholesaler interface, you can coordinate your inventory and price updates with your wholesalers. Items can be managed by the primary vendor, allowing you to receive specific price and inventory updates, as well as send your wholesalers’ orders electronically.