The BestRx Pharmacy Management System is the complete pharmacy software solution that your independent or retail pharmacy has been waiting for. It offers you an incredibly powerful and feature-rich system — for less than half the price of our major competitors. The BestRx system was designed to be extremely easy to use, and requires little to no training. We will tailor our system to provide you with the best solution to help you expand your business by better managing patient profiles, processing and billing, workflow, accounts receivables and inventory. Not to mention, the BestRx system has robust reporting features.

Our History

Yogesh Desai

Our company began as a computer programmer helping his friend, a pharmacist, who had identified a need for simple software to help manage his business more efficiently. They worked together, sharing ideas, problem solving, creating. That is still the way we work. With you. For you.

For two generations, we have studied and come to understand the unique needs of independent pharmacy owners, staff and patients. We are dedicated to delivering the best value in innovative, easy-to-use software solutions that are tailored to your needs. We put you and your patients at the center of everything we do.

Our expertise is informed by our strong connection to our family of pharmacists. We know what you need, and we work closely with you and our partners to ensure that we are providing you the best solutions possible, at all times. We are relentlessly committed to your success.

Leadership Team

It is our pledge to support you, so we have assembled the best people to serve your needs. Recently, we expanded our development and customer-support staff — and extended our customer-support hours. Whenever you have a question or need technical support, our team will be there for you. And if ever you think there is something that we could do better, or there is a feature you think we’re missing … let us know. We will listen. And we might already be working on something to fill that need.

Hemal Desai


Hemal Desai joined BestRx in 2002 after receiving his bachelor’s degree in management information systems from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He started off primarily as a developer and was instrumental in rewriting the software from its original DOS version to its current Windows version. Over the years Hemal took on responsibility from all aspects of the business as he learned from his father and founder of the company, Yogesh Desai. He has been the driving force as BestRx has grown from three employees working out of his parents’ home to the current staff of dozens of employees working out of multiple time zones.

Vikas Desai


Purdue University

Bio currently evolving.

Nirav Patel

Senior Software Engineer

A modern and innovative software professional who transforms complicated technical requirements into user-friendly software applications and delivers it to BestRx pharmacy software customers. He believes in making happen what you have only thought about. After studying computer science, he jumped into the real world to compete. Over the course of 12 years, he has innovated lots of software applications. His biggest strengths are research and hard work, which make him one of the best performers at BestRx. He is always ready for new challenges and believes in working closely with his teams. He has found many opportunities for innovation at BestRx and come up with plenty of new innovative features for customers. He is very passionate about his work. His goal is to make BestRx an industry leader.

Nilesh Patel

Senior Software Engineer

Nilesh Patel is a senior software engineer with over nine years of experience in programming languages and technologies. He graduated with a degree in information technology engineering from India. He also holds an MBA degree from Schiller International University in Florida. Nilesh joined BestRx in 2010. He is responsible for adding and enhancing features to BestRx while closely working with pharmacies and development teams to put ideas into action. Prior to joining BestRx he was working as a software engineer in India. He is a great husband and the father of two awesome kids. He likes cheering for his favorite teams, watching Netflix and going out with friends and family.

Bart Rogacewicz

Senior Operations Manager

Upon a stark realization that he would not be making a career for himself as a seriously famous video game developer, he made the decision to lean on what he knew best: Windows hardware and software support. He began perusing the job market again in the summer of 2010, hoping to find a great fit for his rediscovered, almost newfound goals.


He started working for BestRx as a support representative and immediately became interested in improving the software package and the processes established for the support staff. He took it upon himself to take over certain tasks and help improve others; he created the online documentation available today, led up graphic-design work for the company and generally still makes a strong effort to involve himself in any aspect of the business that he can. Currently, he works as a senior operations manager, overseeing the entire support department and staying involved companywide.


To his wife’s dismay, even when he’s not working he finds it extremely difficult to peel away from a computer — he’s always building, tinkering, breaking, fixing. Computers have been such an integral part of his life that his hobbies often revolved around them as well. Very much a kid at heart, he loves movies, music and video games (not necessarily in that order). When he’s not summer-hibernating at home or traveling, snowboarding has taken over the cold months to become his second true love.

Edward Shannon

Outside Sales Representative

Edward joined BestRx in January 2017 as business development manager. His responsibilities are business development, sales, marketing and strategic alliances. Ed works with the independent pharmacies to help grow their business and become more efficient. He has a passion for working with pharmacies in providing business solutions. Ed provides market insight and guidance to his accounts. He just completed 340B University.


Prior to BestRx, Ed worked for two iconic consumer goods companies and spent more than 20 years working with retail store owners. Ed has consistent sales quota overachievement and product portfolio revenue growth. He has extensive experience in developing and maintaining strong customer relationships. Ed earned category captain for a 24-store C-store chain. He has trained more than 15 new employees.